Products Liability Attorney in Augusta, GA

A products liability lawsuit can be brought after a dangerous product causes a personal injury or wrongful death. Generally, the product can be defective in its design, because of a poor manufacturing processes, or from a failure to include adequate warnings. If you or someone you love was injured by a dangerous product, discuss your situation with a personal injury product liability attorney immediately.

Georgia Products Liability Lawsuits

Important evidence needs to be gathered to pursue a products liability lawsuit. It is important to keep the product (or what’s left of it) in the same condition it was in when it caused the injuries. A product liability attorney will help you preserve this evidence. It also may be necessary to hire an expert witness to examine the product, its design, its warnings and its manufacturing process, and to give an official opinion on why the product was dangerous.

Nearly every kind of consumer product can be the subject of a products liability lawsuit. The key factor is whether the product was put into use in an unreasonably dangerous condition. Examples of products that are commonly seen in products liability lawsuits include automobiles and their components, food containers, defective drugs and medical devices, tools and children’s toys.